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Browse the links provided to the right to see how you can GET INVOLVED in wilderness protection right away!

And remember: while grassroots organizations like the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance utilize many tools to make our issues heard, personal letters written by concerned citizens like you will always be the most successful tool for creating real and permanent change. It is the power of your letters that ultimately creates a wilderness area, stops logging operations in a roadless area, takes snowmobiles out of our national parks, or shuts down an unwanted mine.

keyboardYour letters may go to an elected representative or get published a local newspaper. Just imagine the momentum one letter can create: perhaps you’ll write a letter to the editor, and then contact a local National Public Radio station to let you read it on the air. Your letter creates an energy that infects the general public and percolates into the halls of Congress. Your letter evolves into legislation to permanently protect a treasured area as wilderness.

Lasting change begins with your desire to see some special piece of public land protected, and takes just a few minutes focused on making a difference.

Take some time to write a letter in your own unique voice. Help protect the wildlands and wildlife that make our state great.

Visit the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Online Action Center to join our advocacy campaigns, send free faxes to elected officials, and to stay up to date on the latest efforts to protect wilderness in New Mexico.

See our contact information for elected officials, newspapers, and federal agencies if you need names or addresses to send comments by mail.

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